In recent years because of globalization different kind of professions have emerged which has given a constant rise in number of students who are opting for arts. In today's changing scenario of world economics great many careers in hospitality and other service sectors are on rise which has given a great platform for arts students The most common course after 12th is the BA course in which you can choose from a wide range of subjects like psychology ,English literature, history, geography ,economics and many more. After BA students can appear for various competitive exams like IAS, RAS, SSC, bank PO,CDS, PSI , clerical exams and many other competitive exams. If the student does not want to appear for civil services they can expertise in particular subjects like psychology and become a clinical psychologist, they can take up literature and get into the teaching profession .unlike specialized fields like medicine and engineering arts open's up an array of felids to choose from. Arts students can accommodate themselves in the management institutes, in tourism, in advertising, in journalism and in creative field’s .The hospitality industry is one that never runs out of job and today tourism and hotel or event management is one of the most lucrative jobs for the youth which they can have after having a degree in arts. The myth that the art stream is only for students with no future or those who get bad marks in 10th standard is thankfully debunked, Today arts is a stream of million responsibilities , and job prospects. Since this is a creative field it enables students to pursue their career as a photographer, teacher ,editor, graphic designer, historian. writer, musician, psychologist, curators ,artist ,lawyers, and civil servants .


                     Authored By:

     Dr. Bhavna Detha


     Pacific college of social sciences and humanities



Blog on CBCT



    What is CBCT :

    CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography is an advanced diagnostic imaging modality of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology , based on computed tomography that utilizes a single rotational cone beam of xray to render 3D multiplanar images of teeth , jaw bones and adjacent vital structures of head and neck region, by reconstruction from a series of 2D projections, at reduced exposure time and lower radiation dose than medical CT .

    The CBCT imaging has not only eased and improvised the diagnosis of dental & maxillofacial pathologies , but has also lead to better treatment planning for a wide range of clinical applications .

    Benefits of CBCT over Medical CT :

    • . Conical Xray beam for volumetric data acquisition in solitary rotation
    • . Limited area of Exposure by selecting a particular Field of View (FOV ) related to the area of interest
    • . Improved Accuracy and Diagnostic image quality
    • . Rapid scan time
    • . Reduced Radiation dose
    • . Decreased Image Artifacts
    • . Less expensive and compact machinery

    Various indications of CBCT in dentistry are :

    • . Implant planning
    • . Dental and Maxillofacial pathosis
    • . Trauma cases
    • . TMJ , ENT and Airway space evaluation
    • . Dental / Endodontic or Periodontal Status evaluation
    • . Soft tissue Calcifications of head and neck region
    • . Assisting in 3D printing / Surgical guide fabrication

    CBCT at PDCH Udaipur :

    The facility of CBCT , the first to be installed in any Private Dental College in Rajasthan , is available at the Dept. of Oral Medicine and Radiology , Pacific Dental College and Hospital , Debari , Udaipur. The scans are performed on Carestream CS 9300 machine with FOV from 5X5 to 17x13.5 and voxel size from 0.09 to 0.500 mm.


                         Authored By:

         Dr. Prashant Nahar (MDS)

         Senior Professor

         Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology

         PDCH , Udaipur

  • Dairy Technology is an Engineering field that deals with the handing of milk and milk products. It specifically deals with handing of dairy products from procurement to the end user consumer involving steps of processing, packaging, logistics and storage. The dairy products like milk, ice-cream, curd etc. are processed by implying the science of biochemistry, bacteriology and engineering with the objective of spoilage prevention, quality improvement and shelf-life enhancement.

    The Dairy Industry has seen spectacular growth in past with improved quality and production standards of various milk products and this has also lead to increased demand of dairy equipments in India. The growth of milk production industries provides vast career opportunities for dairy technologists.

    In India, there are more than 800 milk processing units and they need qualified and well trained personnel for efficient running of their processing units. The growth of dairy processing units has increased demand for manufacturing of dairy equipments. As of now more than 170 dairy equipment manufacturers catering to this demand and theses equipment manufacturer requires dairy technologist for design and execution of projects. Thus dairy technology offers broad job spectrum for the career.


                         Authored By:

         Sunil Paliwal


         Pacific Institute of Dairy & Food Technology

         PAHER University,Udaipur

Job Opportunities in Fire and Industrial Safety Sector

    Fire can be a danger in any part of the premises. Fire hazards not only create injuries to people or destruction to property but in the environment, they may have so many adverse outcomes. It is essential to control and manage fire prevention. The Government is exploring actions to implement electricity in isolated divisions of the country. Normally, high-voltage cables and residential electrical connections trigger fires due to short-circuit. LPG can heighten the threat of domestic fires, if the cylinders are leaky or not used appropriately. These realities emphasize the critical requirement for more fire and safety experts in India. All of a sudden security has become very important. The current adoption of Constructional Safety Act by Parliament has offered employment of a safety officer’s mandatory at all constructional places. As a conclusion, they crave thousands of personages there as safety officers. Sources said that our country needs more than 20,000 Fire and Safety specialists every year. Therefore, you can make an excellent career in this area by doing a course in Fire and Safety. It is a Profession of high rank. A safety officer is a much respected person who serves with pride and it is always a commanding position.

    Nearly every manufacturers look for Fire and Safety professionals. These professionals are needed in Oil and Gas Refineries, Chemical Plants, Energy Plants and Electricity Providers, Airports, Indian Railways, Automotive Manufacturers, Hospitals, Fire Divisions, Municipalities, Hospitality Industry, Real Estate and Construction, Large Construction Industry, Banks, Engineering Firms, Environment Security Divisions, and Forest Department. Fire and Safety Specialists are also hired by many Police and Indian Armed Forces. Due to an increase in the demand for Fire and Safety Experts, Some reputed Indian Universities Providing Graduation in this course. Fire and Safety is the unique subject that you can do in various sections like- Certification program, Diploma, B.S.C, P.G Diploma/Degree and Engineering in Fire and Safety. People are now more informed about Fire Prevention and significance of Safety. So, studying this subject will give you a magnificent profession, while serving the country. Before enrolling for a Fire and Safety program, a crucial aspect to consider is practical education.


                         Authored By:

         Rashmi Vajpayee

         Assistant Professor

         Pacific Institute of Fire and Safety Management

         PAHER University,Udaipur

Environmental problems in Delhi


    Most of the population of Delhi is affected by the pollution generated by mainly Carbon monoxide, ozone, PM2.5 and PM10 partials, CO2 and greenhouse gas. These air pollutant gases also highly affecting the change in climate of Delhi. Indian scientists estimate that carbon dioxide is not main element for only responsible for pollution in Delhi. This pollution is mainly responsible by very dangerous gases like Ozone, NO2, SO3 and particular matter (PM particles ) present in air which is create by industries and vehicles. In the last week of the December 2018 Air quality index of PM 2.5 and PM 10 are in severe condition. Average of Air quality index of PM10 and PM 2.5 are 350 to 550 and 250 to 350 g/m2¬¬. This is very harmful condition for people and plants in Delhi city. The size of small organic or inorganic particles are related to create different types of health disease. Particles less than 10 micrometers pose the big problems, because they can enter into lungs, some of the particles soluble in our blood and such particles can affect our lungs, kidney and heart. PM2.5 and PM10 particle leads to various problems e.g. improper heartbeat, cardiac disease, respiratory sickness, aggravated asthma, coughing or difficulty breathing, increased respiratory symptoms, various cancer and allergy problem.


                         Authored By:

         Dr. Nasir Hussain

         Assistant Professor

         Pacific College of Basic and Applied Sciences

         PAHER University,Udaipur

Scope of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in India
  • Mechanical engineering is regarded as the 'Mother' branch of engineering. It is one of the initial branches of engineering. Those who choose Mechanical engineering are so innovative that they may even attempt to make different kinds of stuff. These kinds of children possess an analytical brain which is involved in learning about machinery and not in ruining things. Their Parents need to boost the child's inquisitiveness about machines and devices in and around the house. Scholars who are curious to experience the practical working culture can initiate with the diploma. Diploma in Mechanical is an excellent approach to start making a sound background before the degree of Engineering as its curriculum is good enough for learning the fundamentals of mechanical engineering.

    Career opportunities for Mechanical engineers are always there. Notable corporations that appoint Mechanical engineers comprises Space research organizations ,Automotive, energy and nuclear industries, aeronautical, water, production plants, refrigeration industry, oil, gas, refining industries, mining, and the agricultural sector. Mechanical Engineering primarily relates to the functional aspect, layout, utilization, and creation of mechanical machinery and tools. These engineers can also execute their education in various government-run projects as technical specialists and counselors. Mechanical engineers can also achieve leadership positions in private as well as government division.


                         Authored By:

         Rashmi Vajpayee

         Assistant Professor, Pacific Polytechnic College

Career Option after doing BCA and MCA
  • In present scenario, Computer technology is grabbing almost entire fields whether it is related to science and technology or it’s related to commerce, art and culture. So, the total working environment is dependent on computers. That’s why the BCA i.e. Bachelor of Computer Application course is the best option for the students because the best career opportunities are available in the computer Science. There is a wide scope of BCA in government as well as private sectors also. By completion of this course, the students can be capable of knowing industry skills and also able to develop the leadership qualities. The Present Government of India is mainly focussing on the Digital Indian Campaign in which they are emphasizing on various startups for youths and also providing variety of job opportunities for the students in the computer field. After getting a BCA Degree, student can enter in the following roles like software developer and Designer, System Analyst, Hardware Engineer, Software Consultant, System Developer, Technical Writer, Graphics Designer, Troubleshooter, Web Designer or Developer, Web Hosting Software, Application Architect etc. Even the students can get the top positions in the major IT companies outside of India. So, now a days, it could be the best course for the students.


                         Authored By:

         FCA (Faculty of Computer Application)

         Pacific University

अशोक की धम्म नीति एवं मानवीय मूल्य
  • अशोक का प्रारम्भिक जीवन

                   बिन्दुसार की म्त्यु के पश्चात उसका पुत्र अशोक राजा बना जो विश्व के महानतम् सम्राटों में से एक था। 269 ईण्पूण् में वह सिंहासन पर आसीन हुआ। पुराणों में उसका नाम अशोक वर्धन हुआ। उसके अभिलेखों में उसे देवानांपिय तथा पियदस्सी कहा गया है। मास्की शिलालेख में उसका नाम केवल अशोक मिलता है। सम्भवतः प्रियदर्शी उसकी उपाधि थी। प्रारम्भ में अशोक ब्राह्मण धर्म का पालक तथा शिव का उपासक था। कलिंग युद्ध इसके शासनकाल की महान घटना थी। कलिंग युद्ध मे भीषण नरसंहार देखकर अशोक द्रवित हो उठा। उसने प्रतिज्ञा की कि वह अब कभी युद्ध नहीं करेगाए उसने ब्राह्मण धर्म के स्थान पर बौद्ध धर्म ग्रहण कर लिया इसके पश्चात् उसने जीवनपर्यन्त 232 ईण् पूण् तक शांतिपूर्वक शासन किया। बौद्ध धर्म का प्रसार प्रसार किया। लोक कल्याण के लिए उसने भेरी घोष के स्थान पर धम्म घोष की नीति को अपनाया!

    धम्म नीति अर्थ स्वरूप एवं उद्वेश्य

                   भारतीय इतिहास में अशोक के अभिलेखों का महत्वपूर्ण स्थान है। इसके अभिलेखों द्वारा अशोक के शासन काल की महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त होती है। अशोक के चैदह शिलालेखों में तेरहवां शिलालेख सर्वाधिक महत्वपूर्ण है। इसके द्वारा अशोक के हृदय परिवर्तन का उल्लेख प्राप्त होता है। धम्म प्राकृत भाषा का शब्द है जिसका हिन्दी में अर्थ होता है। ष्ष्धर्मष्ष् यद्यपि अशोक का व्यक्तिगत धर्म बौद्ध धर्म थाए लेकिन उसने अपने शिलालेखों और अभिलेखों में बौद्ध धर्म के सिद्धांतों को न लिखवा करए चारित्रिक एवं नैतिक शिक्षाओं का प्रचार किया। ये नैतिक शिक्षाएं ही संकलित रूप में ष्ष्अशोक का धम्मष्ष् कहलाई। अशोक का धम्म न तो एक नया धर्म था और न ही एक नया राजनैतिक दर्शन। यह जीवन की एक पद्वति तथा लोगो द्वारा व्यवहार मे लाई जाने वाली आचार सहिंता एवं सिद्वांतो का एक समन्वय था। इसका विषय व्यापक एवं मानवीय था। अशोक द्वारा इसके प्रचार एवं प्रसार का किसी भी वर्ग द्वारा विरोध नही किया गया।

                   अपनी प्रजा के नैतिक उत्थान के लिए अशोक ने जिन आचारो की संहिता प्रस्तुत की उसे अभिलेखो में ष्धम्मष् कहा गया है। अशोक द्वारा प्रसारित ष्धम्मष् के विषय मे विद्वानों ने भिन्न.भिन्न प्र्रकार के मत प्रकट किये हैं। विन्सेंट स्मिथ के अनुसार ष्धम्मष् का तात्पर्य उन सभी सिद्वांतो और नियमों से है जो सभी धर्म व सम्प्रदाय को मान्य होते हुए भी किसी एक विशेष धार्मिक सम्प्रदाय से सम्बंधित नही थे। राधाकुमुद मुखर्जी ने इसे एक मानव धर्म माना है। भंडारकर के अनुसार.ष्अशोक के धम्म का प्रेरक तत्व और स्त्रोत बौद्ध धर्म था ।ष् ष्हैमचंद्र रायचैधरी के अनुसार अशोक का धम्म सभी धर्मो का सार था। तेरहवें शिलालेख में अशोक ने अपने धम्म को समस्त सार देते हुए लिखा है कि समस्त जीवधारी अंिहंसा के पात्र हैं अशोक के धम्म में दो प्रकार के तत्व व्यावहािकर या निषेधात्मक सम्मिलित थे।

    अशोक की धम्म नीति के उद्देश्य

    व्यावाहारिक तत्व

    • . माता पिता एवं बड़ों का आदर करना।
    • . छोटों के साथ उचित व्यवहार करना।
    • . सत्यए संयमए भक्तिए दया एवं दान से युक्त व्यवहार करना।
    • . मन एवं कर्म की शुद्धि करना।
    • . श्रमिकों एवं नौकरों के साथ उचित व्यवहार करना।
    • . अहिंसा का पालन करना।
    • . अल्प व्यय एवं अल्प संग्रह करना।

    निषेधात्मक तत्व

    • . उग्र व्यवहार नहीं करना चाहिए।
    • . निष्ठुर नहीं होना चाहिए।
    • . क्रोध नहीं करना चाहिए।
    • . घमण्ड नहीं करना चाहिए।
    • . ईष्या नहीं रखनी चाहिए।

                   अशोक ने समस्त निषेधों के लिए असिनव शब्द का प्रयोग किया है जिसका अर्थ है पाप। अशोक ने इसके प्रचार प्रसार के लिए अभिलेख खुदवाएए धर्मयात्राएएं कीए धर्म महामात्रों की नियुक्ति कीए धम्म मंडल की व्यवस्था की और अंहिसा को राजनीति का मुख्य आधार बनाया।


                         Authored By:

         डाॅ मनोज दाधीचष्

         सहायक आचार्यए;इतिहास विभागद्ध

         पेसिफिक सामाजिक विज्ञान एवं मानविकी महाविद्यालयए

Opportunities in Agriculture
  • Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It contributes about 16% of the total GDP producing employment to more than 60% population of our country. Agriculture not only provides food, fibre, feed, fuel, medicines, but indirectly supplements all raw materials used in our daily life. Most importantly it involves crop production, forestry, fisheries, livestock and post harvest management.

    Indian’s populations is increasing at an alarming rate and to feed such a big population with limited land and water resources is the most challenging task. The basic target is to maximize the agricultural production by reducing the cost of inputs through technological interventions. For this skilled human resource is required therefore agriculture education has taken sharp shift in recent times.

    There are large number of employment opportunities in the field of Agriculture which are listed in a very effective way as under:

    • Professional degree to have own set-u: Entrepreneurship - Apiculture, Mushroom, Floriculture, Gardening Activities, Livestock & Poultry, Goatery Management, Aquaculture, Organic Farming, Agri. Marketing Stores, Agri-Engineering Workshops , Contract Farming, Agri- Industries, etc.
    • Higher Education: Post Graduation (M.Sc. Ag) and Doctoral Degree (Ph.D) in any one of the different branches of Agriculture (>11) and many more.

      • Agri-Business Management
      • Market Forecasting Agencies

    Job opportunities :

    Public sector -Govt. Agri. Depts., Agriculture Universities -Teaching, Research and Extension activities

    • Public sector and Private Sector • Oil Industry
    • Banking Sector • Poultry Industry
    • Forest Sector • Precision Agriculture, Hi-tech Horticulture, Landscaping and Gardening
    • Seed Industry • IT Sector & Remote Sensing
    • Soil Engineering Industries • Fuel Industry
    • Pesticide - Insecticide Industries • Clothing Industry
    • Fertilizer Industries • Quality Control and Quarantine
    • Post Harvest Technology/ Value Addition Industries • Sugar Industry
    • Food industries • Agro-Meteorological and Weather forecasting
    • Agri. Equipment/ Implement Industries
    • Live Stock Management


                         Authored By:

         Dr. S.R. Maloo

         Dean, Pacific College of Agriculture

Trade War: Time to Rethink & Redesign the Global Financial Architecture
  • The US-China trade war, after exchanges of several rounds of threats by both the countries has been finally declared open with both the countries imposing tariffs worth $34 billion on each other exports. Unites States imposed a tariff of 25% on more than 800 Chinese products (including steel, medicine devices & so on) and 10% on aluminum.

    U.S trade relations with China reflects, imports of $505 billion and exports of $ 130 billion, amounting to a trade deficit of $ 376 billion in 2017. U.S. is constantly blaming china for unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft, that causes U.S. to lose $225 billion to $600 billion every year. To command the situation, U.S. is imposing heavy duties on imports under the pretext of section 301 of the U.S. trade act of 1974, which permits the competent authorities to inflict trade sanctions on the trading countries on the ground of unfair trade practices. To counter the situation, China immediately respondent by imposing tariffs on 545 US products like Soy bean, airplanes, items and automobiles, with the desire to cause job losses in American States.

    Looking closer to the move, it is quite evident that U.S. is targeting the high-tech industry of China viz; 5 G communication, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and like, to hit the china’s ambitious project of made in China 2025.

    The series of action between both the countries indicates the commencement of new era of geopolitical and economic supremacy. Further, the other aspect of U.S –China war is also the looming Dollar crisis. With the launch of Yuan linked oil futures by China which is the world’s largest oil buyer, the dominance of Dollar in the international trade will get a huge blow, once the futures get acceptability by the international buyers.


                         Authored By

         Prof. Mahima Birla

         Dean, Faculty of Management

         PAHER University

Expired Medicines
  • A medicine is said to be expired when the potency of the active drug (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) present in the medicine is reduced to 90% i.e. the active drug is 10% degraded. For example if a tablet containing 100 mg/tablet of X drug is manufactured today and its expiry date is Aug 2020 means that in around Aug 2020 the active drug X present in that tablet will be 90 mg/tablet and 10 mg/tablet will be degraded products which can be harmful. It is not safe to take expired medicine as it may be non effective, less effective, non potent or sometimes toxic. The expiry date can be reached earlier than claimed on label if the medicine is not stored properly as mentioned on label of that medicine especially when it is to be stored in refrigerator. In case expired medicine is consumed manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any side effect or toxic reaction revealed after consumption of expired medicine. One should be very cautious of expiry date especially for injections.


                         Authored By

         Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi

         Director, Pacific College of Pharmacy

         Pacific University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Graduation Course in International Business
  • BBA Global Business Management- Professional and Specialized Course

    If you wish to get exposure of international business trends and develop your career in foreign trade, you have a sensible option to do BBA in global business management. It is a three year degree course, which is a unique amalgam of management, leadership and international business strategies. For borderless career, opting BBA in global business management is a smart choice. 10 +2 students of any stream can apply for this course. Aspiring students who wish to set high standards of achievements should choose this course.

    Foreign tours for first hand international experience

    Under this course students have an opportunity to visit developed nations like UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, France, Germany, etc. Students are required to prepare international business projects on the basis of these foreign tours. High international market exposure through foreign tours makes this curriculum unique.

    Foreign Languages

    One foreign language is taught every year by foreign faculty. It enables students to give their business presentations and communicate their business ideas convincingly to the foreign delegates.

    For foreign language, faculty comes from across the world, bringing with them a diverse wealth of knowledge and culture. French, German and Spanish are taught year after year.

    Certified Corporate Trainings

    For better employment opportunity certified corporate training is also organized for the students every year by industry experts.

    Through this course students can become Export-Import Consultant, Business Executive, Entrepreneur, International Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, MNC’s manager etc.



         Dr. Anurag Mehta

         Principal, Pacific Institute of Business Studies

         Pacific University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India



Hotel Management a Promising Career
  • “Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love care and courteous treatment”

    Hotel Management industry is one of the industry which is rapidly growing, rewarding, awarding and appreciated industries. Hotels, tours and travels, airline industry, luxury services, convention centers, personality development, training and development, sales and marketing events, food services and other related segments.


    It is the study of the hospitality industry which covers a wide range of topics related with the operational aspects of hotelier. Following to its presence in diverse sectors, a degree in Hotel/Hospitality management gives a wide range of choices for students, choices of sector they want to work in.


    From 2000 to 2011 The hotel and tourism industry contributed via direct investments (FDI) of US$ 2.35 billion to the Indian economy and from 2000 to 2017 cumulative amount of FDI inflows were 532,552 Million. So the Hotel Industry has a major contribution in GDP of India and its economic growth.




    A stream becomes more tempting once you know the advantages that come along. If you’re still trying to make up your mind about taking up a hospitality management course, we are here to help.



            “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

    – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi



         Blog by Jacob John, Vice Principal, PIHM

         Shiva Sharma, Assistant Professor, PIHM

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