The National Continuing Dental Education Programme on “Research Methodology and Data Analysis through Software” was organized by Department of Post Graduate Studies and Pacific Dental College and Hospital on January 3-10, 2016. The Programme has received an overwhelming response where in 60 participants from across India such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc. have participated. 

Speakers and Contents:

Dr. Jaypraksah Muliyil has highlighted on Conduction of Good Clinical Research, Significance of Casual thinking in Research. He has also deeply discussed about Design and Conduct of Epidemiological Study.

Prof. Hemant Kothari has presented lecture on Significance of Literature Review. He discussed on How to Conduct Good Reviews for any Research Study. He also highlighted on Referencing within the text and towards end using appropriate style guide. Significance of Citation, various forms of Plagiarism and how to avoid Plagiarism was also discussed during the session.

Dr. Nagesh Bhat has highlighted on importance of Dental health care for individual and community health care. As research necessary to investigate the reason for health disease in the community it has to be systemic approachable. He discussed on basic issues being faced by researchers and presented a clear outlook on barriers and solutions in conducting good research.

Prof. S.C. Ameta has dealt with key issues relating to getting research projects and proposals may face odd results in form of rejection due to different lacks. Prof. Ameta specified that any research proposal should contain novel ideas and worthy of sanction but misleading information and minor missing should be avoided. The lecture also provided information about different funding bodies, which may sanction research projects and support research. He also put forth various questions or queries, which are likely to be raised by the reviewers of the project. He highlighted on basic requirements of a good research project proposal, different sections/heading of the project in detail so as to make research proposal strong.


Dr. Rakshit Ameta discussed on different types of Intellectual Property Rights including patents, while presenting or publishing their research work. His lecture gave a brief idea about Intellectual Property Rights including Copyright, Trademark, Geographical Indication, etc. Along with that, patent procedure were also discussed in detail, which included the importance and benefits of getting a patent, patent search, requirements for a patent application, etc.


Prof I.J. Singhvi has delivered lecture on Writing Effective Research Paper. He also highlighted reviewers approach in accepting or rejecting research papers for publication.

Dr. N.K. Dashora has handled the topics related to Biostatistics including Measure of Central Tendency, Correlation, Regression and Growth Rate Analysis. He also helped students to learn Handling and Analyzing of Data through Software by providing hands – on experience.  

Mr. Hemant Trivedi’s session included Parametric and Nonparametric Test. He highlighted on their Applications in Research and provided Participants Cases for Self Application and Interpretations of these tests. 


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