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A Webinar was conducted on the behalf of Pacific College of Basic and Applied Science (PAHER University) at 29th May. It was on “Posture and Health”. In this webinar the speakers were Dr. Naveet Agarwal (Sr. Physiotherapist, Niyanta Physiotherapy and Diagnostic Center) and Dr. Eshwer Singh(Sr. Physiotherapist, Rungergo Clinic). Prof. Rameshwer Ameta (Dean, FOS) started the Session with the welcome note. He welcomed speakers, faculty members and all attendees. He also explained the importance of exercise in our life. Dr. Neetu Agarwal introduced the speakers and after that the webinar was started and with proper information the query session was done. At the end of session, Mr. Deepak Vyas presented the thank you note for all dignitaries, speakers, faculty members and attendees.

Dr. Eshwar Singh started the session. He told us about the wrong and right postures of our body with the help of various slides. He said we should change our posture every 20 minutes. We should sit proper, walk proper, read proper and work proper. Employees, students work for the long time on their mobile and laptops. If they do not have proper table, chair, distance, height then they feel pain in their body parts.

Dr. Navneet Agarwal continued the session and he told us that our brain also works according to our body posture, if its correct brain works more efficiently. He also presented many slides for backbone, spinal cord, lags etc. He explained almost everybody part’s right posture and wrong posture so that we can compare and correct that.

Conclusion of Webinar: - At the end, many attendees asked their query related to their body pain. Dr. Singh and Dr.Agarwal provided the solution for the queries. Dr. Agarwal also showed the neck exercise if we work for long time. They also told us that if anybody have pain their lags then they can wear soft soul footwear.

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