MBA-Honours First Trimester Main Examination - November,2014(21/11/2014)
B.Tech Sixth Semester Summer Examination - September,2014(15/11/2014)
Master of Business Administration(M.B.A.)I/II/III/IV Sem. Summer Examination,September-2014(11/11/2014)
B.Tech Fourth Semester Summer Examination - September,2014(10/11/2014)
MBA- Dual Specialization I/II/III/IV Semester Summer Examination - September,2014(10/11/2014)
B.Tech Third Semester Summer Examination - September,2014(08/11/2014)
B.Sc in Hotel Management I/II/III Year and Diploma in Hotel Management I Year Supplementary Examination - September,2014(05/11/2014)
BDS II/III/IV Year Remanded Examination - October,2014(01/11/2014)
M.Pharma Second Semester Main Examination-September,2014(28/10/2014)
Polytechnic Diploma - First Year Supplementary Examination - September,2014(07/10/2014)
B.Tech Fourth Semester Main/Back Examination ,June-2014(16/08/2014)
B.Tech Second Semester Main Examination ,June-2014(16/08/2014)
BDS First Year Examination , June-2014(13/08/2014)
BDS Second Year Examination , June-2014(13/08/2014)
Master of Tourism & Hotel management Fourth Semester main/Back Examination, August-2014(13/08/2014)
MBA-Dual Specialization Fourth Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014(05/08/2014)
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) Fourth Semester Main Examination,May-2014(05/08/2014)
Bachelor of Arts/Arts(Hons) First Year Examination -April,2014(05/08/2014)
BDS Fourth Year Examination - June,2014 (31/07/2014)
B.Com (Honours) Third Year Examination - June,2014(24/07/2014)
BDS Third Year Examination - June,2014(23/07/2014)
BBA Classic Second/Third Year Main Examination , June-2014(23/07/2014)
B.Com (Honours) Second Year main/Back Examination - June,2014(23/07/2014)
B.Com (Honours) First Year main/Back Examination - June,2014(23/07/2014)
B.Com Classic First year Back/Second Year Main/back/Third Year Main Examination , June-2014(23/07/2014)
Bachelor Of Education Examination-June,2014(18/07/2014)
Bachelor Of Science/Bachelor Of Science(Honours) First Year Examination-April,2014(18/07/2014)
M.Com-Accountancy and Business Statistics/Business Administration/Economics Administration and Financial Management - Previous Examination-June,2014(16/07/2014)
M.Com-Economics Administration and Financial Management-Final Examination-May,2014(16/07/2014)
Master of Arts (English Literature/History/Political Science/Economics) - Previous Examination-April,2014(16/07/2014)
Master of Tourism & Hotel Management Second Semester main/Back Examination,June-2014(16/07/2014)
MCA Sixth Semester Main Examination-June,2014(16/07/2014)
BCA Sixth Semester Main Examination-May,2014(16/07/2014)
Polytechnic Diploma Second Year Main Examination,March-2014(12/07/2014)
Polytechnic Diploma Second Year Back Examination,March-2014(12/07/2014)
MBA-Dual Specialization Second Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014(11/07/2014)
Master Of Business Administration (MBA) Second Semester Main Examination,may-2014(11/07/2014)
BCA Second Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014(10/07/2014)
BCA Fourth Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014(10/07/2014)
MCA Second Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014(08/07/2014)
MCA Fourth Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014(08/07/2014)
PGDCA Second Semester Main Examination-May,2014(08/07/2014)
M.Sc(IT) Second Semester Main Examination-May,2014(08/07/2014)
M.Sc(IT) Fourth Semester Main Examination-May,2014(08/07/2014)
B.Tech Eight Semester Main/Back Examination-May,2014 (07/07/2014)
B.Sc In Hotel Management II Year Main/Back Examination - April,2014/Diploma In Hotel Management II Year Main Examination - April,2014
B.Sc In Hotel Management III Year Main Examination - April,2014
B.Com-MBA Integrated Programme VI Sem. Main Examination,June-2014
BBM-MBA Integrated Programme VI Sem. Main Examination,June-2014
Polytechnic Diploma III year Main Examination , March-2014
B.Com-MBA Integrated Programme II Sem. Main/Back Examination , May-2014
B.Com-MBA Integrated Programme IV Sem. Main/Back Examination , May-2014
BBM-MBA Integrated Programme II Sem main/Back Examination , May-2014
BBM-MBA Integrated Programme IV Sem main/Back Examination , May-2014
Master Of Social Work I & II Year Main Exam ,May-2014
B.Pharma IVth Year Main Exam,April-2014
B.Sc/Diploma in Hotel Management First Year Main/Back Examination-April,2014/Trade Diploma In Hotel management ,April-2014
B.Pharma Ist Year Main Exam,April-2014
B.Pharma IInd Year Main Exam,April-2014
B.Pharma IIIed Year Main Exam,April-2014
B.Com - Global Business Management Ist Year Main Exam , May-2014
Bachelor of Journalism amd Mass Communication II /IV Sem./III Year main Exam/Diploma of Journalism and Mass Communication,May-2014
Master of Journalism amd Mass Communication II/IVth Sem main Exam ,May-2014
PGDM : Dual Degree Master's Programming in Management IVth Sem Main Examination-April,2014
PGDM:Dual Degree Master's Programming in Management II Sem. Main/Back Examination-May,2014
Master Of Science Physics/Mathematics-Previous Exam.- April,2014 / B.Com III Year Main/Back-April-2014 / BCA III Year Main Exam.-April-2014
Polytechnic Diploma First Year Main Examination ,March-2014
Master of Dental Surgery Examination-May,2014
M.Sc Final/Previous Chemistry Examination , March-2014
B.Tech Third Semester Main Examination-January-2014
B.Tech First Semester Main Examination-January,2014
BCA First Sem. Main/Back Examination-January,2014
PGDM:Dual Degree Master's Programming in Management III Sem. Main/Back Examination-January,2014


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